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How to Unroot / Unbrick the Samsung Galaxy S III – Latest How to Manually Update Sprint Samsung Galaxy S III to LF9 from LEN

everyone tim schofield here from Cuba King 77 deck I’m below to do a complete testimonial of the Asus zenfone 2 a quite exciting tool due to the fact that it has 4 gigs of ram and just ill it’s mosting likely to run you 2 hundred ninety nine dollars off contract now this could compare with a phone such as the alcatel one touch idolizer 3 which i’ll do a comparison of quickly so make sure to subscribe if you intend to be informed of that now I’m quite delighted Zeus is jumping into the budget phone market specifically with a strong gadget so allow’s proceed as well as take a look at the design specifications and a software program the tool and also see how it stacks up to other budget tools in the exact same area as well as even front runner tools too alright so right here’s the Asus zenfone 2 you’ll see I did get the red variant which I in fact like the looks of it myself you’ll see on the back it sort of has a cleaned metal look to it but it is plastic I suggest it’s entirely plastic on the back it’s shielded by Gorilla Glass 3 on the front Sue’s attempted to take a couple web pages out of LG’s publication when it concerns create where they took the volume switches and

stuck them on the back currently there is no power switch on the back you’ll see the quantity switches right below they’re a bit smaller sized than the ones on the g4 and g3 they’re a little hard to discover sometimes however they’re ok they’re nothing insane good after that up at the top is the power button and also that’s not an excellent area for a power button in my viewpoint they attempt and also battle it with dual touched awake as well as double tap the rest too which aids yet it’s still not the exact same of having the convenience of not needing to readjust your hand to reach the power button the power switch in and of itself you need to push rather firmly to get it to go down which is great yet it’s simply in the incorrect place so if you’re turning down trying to press that switch after that it’s just a bit challenging as well as not one of my favorite style functions of this phone currently at the top you’ll see a 3.5 millimeter earphone jack and after that you got a 13 megapixel electronic camera twin LED flash microSD card port down near the bottom now you’ll see on the back you have a large audio speaker grill which might make you may think Oh incredible it’s going to have some salad audio high quality yet let’s go in advance and take off the back since the back is removable the battery is not understand there’s a 3000 milliamp hour battery inside as well as you see we take it off as well as the speakers just simply in that bottom left hand corner as well as honestly the performance

isn’t actually that wonderful generally I would claim it’s second-rate it’s a little tinny seeming when you play audio but in the back you have a dual SIM card slot and a mini SD card slot to expand your storage too to ensure that’s actually great below’s just one more appearance at those volume rocker switches is better it feels much better with the instance off even if what they determined to do is offer it a feeling of you’re just pushing right into the situation so it doesn’t extend out in any way so it’s a little hard to discover that’s type of what I indicated by that as well as then on the front below you have back house in recent apps switches there’s actually a decent amount of bezel on the side right here even on the top as well as bottom despite the volume as well as power buttons not on the side you see this has one more interesting little appearance to it to give it a little reflective appearance down near the bottom I assume it’s sort of cool myself and after that you have a 5 megapixel video camera up on top also but anyways it’s go and speak concerning the screen prior to we get involved in the video allow’s have a quick note from our sponsor Harry’s deals superior cutting products at a small cost I understand personally when I go shopping for razors I need to actually obtain someone to open the safety box for me to get these razors are actually a higher price than Harry’s razors and also Harry’s calm you can get high quality german blades for half the cost of prominent drugstore brands to gays begin at Harry’s calm as well as they just intended to

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you’re outside I sort of battled to see it at times now when it comes out together displays sort of average nonetheless when you factor in that rate point you recognize oh the screen absolutely benefits what you’re paying and also whether you’re playing games you’re watching videos the screen does its work and also you’re mosting likely to be pleased when utilizing all of it right allow’s carry on to software as well as performance now when it concerns efficiency these n phone too has an intel atom z35 802.3 gigahertz quad-core processor as well as like i stated earlier 4 gigabytes of ram also as well as when it comes to real life performance it does very well it takes any type of job you need it to and it runs efficiently the only time you could run into an occasional stutter is when you’re playing video games which could be when you’re doing premium gaming you might see an occasional stutter and a framework rate but it does not occur usually and also that’s really the only time you’re going to obtain stutter I was exceptionally pleased with just how smooth it has actually been whether I’m multitasking whether I resemble i stated to even playing games is wonderful those premium video games just periodic structure when i decline however that’s really it so overall performance has actually been very
good currently when we discuss software it is greatly skin i make sure you individuals have actually observed that throughout this video it gets on android variation 5.0 nevertheless it has their skin called asu’s nui which offers a great deal of customizability but it’s also really invasive some individuals may like that some people may not now I require to state this there is so much strike where it’s crazy which in a sense is just how they have the ability to bring their rates down because some individuals can pay them to have their bloatware on the device so to provide you a concept here’s simply a folder with some of the bloatware on the device I have not set up all of them yet or disabled a few of them you have some feels like tidy master which scans practically every app that you mount you dr. security of 50-plus games if you intend to play those you have a mirror which actually is going to trigger the front encountering cam and that’s it this is all it does it just works as a simple which you do not require because you can simply activate the front encountering camera in the instance application as well as after that ultimately you likewise have an application called omelet conversation as well as if it’s not gon na make me an omelet each time I tap on it I actually truly don’t want it on my device now despite all that bloat like I claimed performance still has actually been great to give you an idea you have these fast panel toggles down here which are large which is fine you can edit them as well as well as includes specific ones that you like now the home launcher comes with a lot of different variations also theme alternatives throughout the os so you can fill those up you’ll see you can change motifs on-the-fly changes a whole lot of numerous things let’s go on as well as most likely to the lock screen genuine fast you’ll see you can include some shortcuts you can tailor those whether it’s camera dialer carrier all that good things you swipe approximately open you can alter the animation on the home launcher as well as even in the app cabinet also you can alter the grid dimension all that various points let’s go in advance and swipe up once more this is simply with this launch where you swipe approximately reach these there’s symbol loads the action that you can alter

Like I stated scroll results so there’s several many various things that you can transform and it includes a whole lot of customizability and a lot of individuals could like that I think it’s really great font dimension when you select the font you’ll see you have a heap of different ones to select from appearance at all these fonts some individuals may such as transforming their typefaces I directly do not necessarily like doing that however some individuals might so that’s simply an actually great point to have as a choice now going right into settings you have something called Zen motion in below so going into then motion you have a touch motion alternative when the display is off so you’ll see if I desire to introduce the camera I can type a see on the display being off as well as it should open up the electronic camera application and also it does that offers you a suggestion of exactly how promptly it opens up the video camera application as well however over all those job really well you just kind of kind of remember that there there honestly I have not utilized it too much just due to the fact that I kind of neglect that they’re there so after a while it might take me some time but I’ll obtain made use of to it movement gesture where you can drink the device twice as well as it’s going to take a screenshot that’s one more alternative one-handed setting you have as well which is fascinating because when you turn on one-handed setting you’ll see I have it right below in the quick toggles it activates soft keys

As well as it works simply fine I mean it functions exactly how your your phone’s going to also if it’s not in one-handed setting but it provides you a smaller sized screen you can resize it if you would certainly like you can press and also hold and relocate it around as you could see so you have numerous alternatives and also just kind of provides you a bit a lot more customizability and also capability to tap that entire display since like I stated it is kind of like a phablet all right so allow’s relocate on to the video camera like I said a 13 megapixel camera you have a twin LED flash as well let’s go ahead as well as break an extremely fast photo give you a concept of it focusing as well as shutter speed shutter rates really a little bit slower than what I’m made use of to you have a bunch of capturing settings on right here as well so you’ll see right below you have a hand-operated mode we can alter I so all that good stuff HDR I imply there’s simply also several of these I’m great with them being downloadable and installable separately however including all of them it’s just insane one you can use is a low-light 1 i’ll reveal you an example picture real quick and also it alters it to 3 megapixels however does a good work at catching a whole lot of light in a you understand centrally an area where you’re going to have basically no light so let me go to my gallery to reveal you a couple of pictures that I took so go to my electronic camera below’s the one the 3

megapixel electronic camera this was I mean it’s brighter in the photo than it is in person this was in the bathroom about the light on so you’ll see you can see it but I mean there’s a great deal of simply sort of noise if I took I took some photos at the blackhawks ceremony for the Stanley Mug as well as the shutter speed was a little sluggish at times yet overall I might still obtain a good picture this was zoomed in just a little bit too so you’ll see it functioned quite well and after that in optimal problems it takes some excellent images so like I stated the light exterior was great this is a basically a suitable condition it had not been direct sunshine it was most likely overcast just look at just how wonderful the shades pop I suggest the video camera did an excellent task of capturing that but when it boils down to it if you do not have those suitable problems you’re simply type of unfortunate and it just does not perform all that excellent you’ll see this had a great deal of light it kind of looks a little overexposed just on the whole low light isn’t that excellent either this is a great illumination problem so I mean if you remain in good lights the cam is excellent yet nevertheless if not it’s going to type of affect efficiency that can be that fantastic now let’s go ahead as well as speak about battery and I’m placing pressed honestly it’s a 3000 milliamp hr battery right here’s a suggestion I obtain around 4 hrs as well as 25 mins display in a timely manner typical and that’s with some hefty use I guess said in all my

video clips a lot of pc gaming I suggest email and also text messaging call every little thing I essentially utilize my phone every day for everything you’ll see here here’s an additional one that’s still obtained percent left so like I claimed regarding 4 hours 25 mins screen on time ordinary as well as it additionally has fast charging so it bills 0 to 100 in under 2 hrs and that’s actual fast if you ask me however yeah general I have actually been rather pleased with battery life so I suggest it gets me through the day so thumbs up a sous for the battery on this ok so simply desire to get some last thoughts on the asus zenfone 2 when it comes to the screen it’s simply alright honestly common display yet it does the job so particularly you really have to factor the rate when every one of these things the electronic camera even when you remain in just good lighting it’s excellent however anything apart from that it’s just alright so you truly have to deal with that and after that on the audio speaker on the back you have the phony grill in the back cover and afterwards simply it doesn’t truly appear that fantastic in basic however with that said 299 price tag it’s an actually large amount in my viewpoint truthfully real life efficiency has actually been great simply on the whole it’s been a solid device as well as for 299 off-contract you actually can’t go incorrect so certainly a go for me a strong device as well as most definitely thumbs up for a sous I’m delighted to see what they bring out in the future and also yeah so great task basu’s hopefully you appreciated this evaluation video I ‘d value if you provide it a thumbs up if you liked it you can subscribe as well last more protection coming quickly like I said comparison of idolizer 3 as well as zenfone coming quickly and you can follow me on social networks facebook twitter google+ only so the summary below and also thank you significantly everybody

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