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every one tip Scofield here from Cuba King 77 dot-com and I’m here to review the Chromebook flip from the soos I can actually do this because it’s only 2 pounds it’s super lights 10.1 inch Chromebook and I was skeptical about a couple things one of them being the Chrome OS in general and then also how much I’m actually gonna use the flip function where you can convert it into a tablet so you can use it in this mode or you can just flip it up and use it in laptop mode now there’s a 2 gigabyte of RAM model and a 4 gigabyte of RAM model one of them being 250 the other one being 280 and in my opinion that’s probably worth it to get the 4 gigabyte model which is what I have here I have been extremely impressed with how premium this device is it’s all aluminum all the way around it has a nice trim to it and overall just has a really sleek look and feel to it on the left side you have DC end which is a proprietary cable

that comes with it you have two status lights one being for the battery the other being for the status of the Chromebook itself volume up and down rockets which is great when you’re in tablet mode overall and then also a power button as well on the right side you have a mini HDMI slot you have two USB slots and also a micro SD card slot with expandable storage up to 64 gigabytes and then also a headphone 3.5 millimeter headphone microphone jack at the bottom in the four corners you’ll notice four grips and they do a really good job of grabbing the table or desk that you put them on they also protect it when you flip it into a different mode and then also you’ll see two speakers and they are really great honestly they get loud they’re very clear they don’t get fuzzy when you turn it all the way up however when you use it in laptop mode they’re covered just a little bit a little curve on the front helps it out however it does get covered up just a little bit opening the Chromebook flip up and you’re greeted with a 10.1 inch HD IPS display with a screen resolution of 1280 by 800 and I’ve been very very pleased with it the colors look very true text is very clear as well and whether you’re inside or outside it’s very visible so brightness gets very bright and also pretty dim as well

now when you do use it as a touch screen of course you do get fingerprints on it however they it is pretty easily cleaned so that’s not that big of a deal now with a 10.1 inch device the key word is very compact it took me a little while to get used to however the keys have a decent amount of give so you can kind of and also space between them so you can kind of tell which key you are pressing you have some useful buttons up the top including brightness browser control and volume a couple gripes I wish it was backlit I mean that’s just something I like there’s no delete button I really missed that and also you can’t one thing to make note of is you can’t accidentally press the lock button you have to actually press and hold it down for to actually lock the device the trackpad is very responsive and gives good feedback however it is a little on the small side especially when you’re trying to use two and three finger gestures there is no right-click on the trackpad you have to actually press with two fingers to right-click you have a compact

keyboard option and then you also have any full layout which is really nice to have as an option I find myself not using the on-screen keyboard for long things maybe just a quick quick little message I need to send but for long emails I’ll flip it around and use the actual keyboard you also have emoji support so if you want to send emojis or anything like that and then you also can type so you have input so if you were like hey how are you question mark and it gives you this option up here to plug that in and it worked now when in laptop mode with its small size it’s not really something you want sitting on your lap you definitely would rather have it on a desk or a table now overall battery life has just been really great honestly I get 8 to 10 hours battery life easily so it gets me through the day and I’ve been super impressed with it now let’s go ahead and talk about performance something I was wondering what was gonna happen when I had a bunch of tabs open and chrome and when it comes to performance the Chromebook flip has a 1.8 gigahertz quad-core Rock

chip processor 16 gigabytes of SSD flash storage 2 or 4 gigabytes of RAM then when you run an octane score for benchmarks you get around 7000 benchmarks don’t really mean anything to me it really matters is real-world performance and that’s what I’m gonna talk to you about right now and I’m actually been pretty impressed with performance of it I’m really happy I can actually edit and create WordPress articles in here I’m actually gonna go to my YouTube channel right here and then we’re gonna load up just a quick video and we’re gonna play it in the background and then load up a couple web pages at once so this video is gonna be playing in the background I have it muted of course and then let’s go ahead and maybe let’s reload a page I’m just gonna press reload on the keyboard let’s go ahead and try and load up the verge which I’d really don’t go to ever but I know it’s pretty intensive so you’ll see Google+ to load up and then the verge is loading up as well obviously

internet speeds play into this but you’ll see a little bit of checkerboarding just a tiny bit there when like I said it’s doing three things at once at the moment let’s go ahead and load up an article as well and go through and of course I can use the trackpad and keyboard I’m in laptop mode right now and you’ll see it’s very fluid very smooth and loaded up all of those images pretty quickly and I generally have eight to ten tabs open at once and I have been extremely impressed I’ve been able to fly through things occasional stuttering here and there but it’s really nothing bad at all it’s really really impressive now someone actually asked me to play a video off of a micro SD card so I’m gonna go ahead and do that I have actually an old micro SD card that I threw in there and I have a 1080p video you’ll see 787 Meg file and I’m gonna double click on it and open it and play it you see it’s in full screen right here it’s just a video of mine and here’s skipping through it you’ll see no lag no lag and loading anything like that it loads it right up it’s clear everything like that and so overall I’ve been impressed with just storage it reads the cards well and does a very good job now when it comes to printing from the Chromebook I was always

skeptical but I honestly had a good experience with it my printer wasn’t Google Cloud Print ready however it does connect to Wi-Fi so you’ll see I added it to Google Cloud Print through the Wi-Fi connection and printed something out right away it was actually very simple so if you have a printer that does connect to cloud print or the Wi-Fi in general then you should be able to print to it now when it comes with a Chrome OS like I said it was a little skeptical however I actually liked it a lot more than I thought I would I mean I just use a browser a lot more than I thought I did and overall I can get a lot done with it chrome apps are okay you have extensions of course anything you can do in a Chrome browser you can essentially do on here you do have some games if you click this search in the bottom left-hand corner it brings up this launcher so to say it uses your lace last used apps you scroll down and you have google now as well which is a nice integration and then also you can go to all apps as well now you can’t really add anything to the desktop you can auto hide shelf shelf position and set wallpaper so there’s a lot of

playing space right here it’s actually pretty easy to navigate it’s very similar to Windows so it wasn’t a big learning curve at all Chrome Web Store in general is okay it’s not very well categorized and there aren’t really that as many apps as you’d like there to be unfortunately you’ll see you have certain things runs offline by Google available for Android which is another good thing because it does have Android apps cut the rope tank war you just have solitaire certain ones but I mean main ones such as snapchat I don’t really see any reddit clients which is okay though because reddit clients you can just go to and have a desktop experience but overall I found myself using this as a replacement real quick instead of my laptop and just using my laptop more for heavy things maybe occasional gaming when it comes to video editing of course I’m gonna use my laptop my full laptop my high powered one as opposed to a Chromebooks but this actually is a really nice addition and it’s extremely portable now there’s actually an HD webcam up at the top as well for video chatting and I actually was impressed with how well it

handled video chatting whether I could see them clearly it didn’t stutter much and also myself as well the camera did a decent job give you an idea I’m gonna stand up and there’s my face hey guys it’s actually ok quality I’m I’m not upset with it you have a bunch of options within this software you have filters you can take a quick picture toggle mirroring you see there’s here’s the a bunch of different filters down at the bottom so if you’re like like to do that you can play around with taking pictures with a friend or someone like that now one little problem I have with the OS is when I’m in tablet mode you can’t actually resize the screen and move it around it’s just in full-screen let’s say I open up the calculator and you’ll see it just loads it up in full-screen mode I can’t make it smaller at all a little box anything like that so that’s only when your touch screen mode laptop mode you can do all of those things alright just want to recap gift some of my final thoughts on the Chromebook flip and I

really do like it honestly I didn’t I liked it a lot more than I thought I was going to it’s super premium it’s super portable which allows me to bring it with maybe do a coffee shop or something if I want to do something real quick and don’t need a heavy powered PC to do it yeah the the Chrome OS is ok the web store could be a lot better however just using the Chrome browser if a lot of the things you do in the Chrome browser even Google Docs anything like that it’s not too bad at all to use coupled with a great screen great performance and great battery life I’d say it’s a go for me if you’re in the market for a Chromebook this is the one I’d go for especially being able to convert it to tablet mode it’s great when you’re in bed honestly they’re watching a movie or something flipping it up – I guess this convertible mode it’s really helpful watching Netflix anything like that so anyways hopefully you enjoyed the review if you have questions about the device feel free to drop a comment and I’ll do my best to reply to it subscribe to me as well you follow me on Facebook Twitter Google Plus only sending those questions of you below those guys thank you very much

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