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How to Unroot / Unbrick the Samsung Galaxy S III – Latest How to Manually Update Sprint Samsung Galaxy S III to LF9 from LEN

everyone Tim Schofield below from Cuba King 77 calm below to unpack the thinnest smart device with LTE on the planet at the moment the vivo air LTE from blue actually they do of a vivo air nevertheless this one does have a couple updated specs along with 2 gigabytes of RAM as well as additionally features a Snapdragon 410 processor and of training course LTE so I’m gon na open package show you what’s inside you have actually perceptions on the tool and likewise do a speed examination on t-mobile’s LTE network so allow’s go ahead open it up okay here it is this phone really goes on sale at Amazon for $200 I’ll link to it in the description if you wish to check out more so right now we have the gadget allow’s proceed as well as I think draw this out of package as well as you flip this over and look how thin that is currently just inside of that much like a notepad item of cardboard and also barely thicker than that so insane I’m a straightforward to the side show you what’s in the box resembles we obtained a great deal of devices I did not anticipate this in fact a minimum of with

earphones allow’s see we have a sim ejector I believe yes so sim ejector pamphlets you have your case as well actually I’m going to toss this on the device in simply a 2nd and after that additionally a screen protector as you can see below you have air conditioning adapter in addition to a micro USB charging cable television which is actually extremely slim so it is just one of those slim cable televisions flat thin cords and after that you have earphones too they are available in any kind of little cardboard box let’s open them up take a I guess a closer appearance you do have some added ear pieces too here’s a better take a look at those earphones that do come with it they look pretty great I’ll allow you recognize in the testimonial exactly how comfy and how just how much I in fact simulate them so let’s let’s establish this to the side as well as then pull out the actual device out of the packaging offers you information on it of program for quite an inch 720p am HD AMOLED screen Super AMOLED show I ought to state you’ll see a quad-core 1.2 ghz Snapdragon 410 allow’s go ahead and also just peel this man off since you have actually seen every one of those specs that is a 2050 ingrained

2050 milliamp hour embedded battery as well allow me pull off that as well as well as below it is Wow very smooth has glass on the back as you can see and also check out just how slim it is this is insane right here’s in fact it next to a Moto X pure version to type of give you a a concept of how thin it is but if crazy thin 5.1 millimeters and it’s extremely light too this is actually insane does not have a little bit more bezel I need to say that I’m utilized to okay so it is powered on prior to I do that I wish to reveal off the case actually it’s rather minimal situation as you can see opening up under as well as the leading too some great intermediaries actually no overlapping with the speaker the camera or anything like that has a little a structure to it for some added hold pretty very easy to push the power switch as well so total pretty great does not actually eliminate a lot from the visual appeals of it and also it does not make it too thick also below’s some quick close-ups of it you have an 8 megapixel rear video camera with a flash down at the base right here is that audio speaker right below where it claims 4G LTE down at the base of the gadget billing

microphone and 3.5 millimeter earphone jack and after that up at the top you have absolutely nothing except another microphone on the front you have a front-facing video camera too that’s truly about it but once again it’s extremely thin quite outrageous exactly how slim as well as light this tool is alright so let’s go through the startup actual quick I’m gon na put a SIM card alright as you can see I have my sim card entering so I’m gon na go on and simply press it on it and after that placed this on and also we’ll see it needs to identify it currently so it states 4G up on top as you can see it still states insert sim somehow so I’m gon na go back and also in fact move forward and also there we go so currently it’s missed the insert sim part allow’s go on and also go through and Lotus up on top 4G LTE is up currently so I’m gon na browse the setup show you guys anything that could be unusual I’m gon na just avoid all of this as well as I’ll be right back alright absolutely nothing uncommon date/time collection accounts as well let’s hit surface and also it need to take us to the house launcher so got it allow’s proceed and you’ll see very similar to the stock lollipop launcher and really comparable to the supply skin of lollipop as well it really does include lollipop of course I’m gon na show you

that actual fast go to setups about tool it gets on 5.0.2 5.1.1 is the most up to date I don’t understand if there’s an upgrade coming quickly I’ll attempt and also upgrade you individuals in my testimonial video clip on when that’s coming yet allow’s go on and see how much bloat gets on there you see you obtained apps let’s press as well as hold and also it appears like you can uninstall that so most likely the various other ones can be uninstalled also scrolling via touch pal as well I do not understand if you can uninstall that that behaves you have opera browser which includes it I don’t assume you ‘d have the ability to understand that no you can not if Chrome browser certainly that includes it too so allow’s enter into that opera web browser I’m gon na download speed test that Alright rate test app is done I’m simply gon na hit begin test and while that’s running like I stated wrap-up you do get screen guard and also an instance also and headphones which is really great not a great deal of producers do include

that Wow take a look at exactly how fast that’s getting up to this is on t-mobile I remain in Chicago near Wrigley Field for those of you that desire to recognize my area I do not think it has fast charging capabilities for those of you asking however I will figure out for certain all info will be my complete testimonial video clip yet take a look at those speeds rather outrageous so absolutely on LTE not HSPA+ so certainly this is the LTE variant of the blue vivo air so yeah I mean general it’s very slim incredibly light I don’t recognize I’m interested to see how battery life is gon na be with a 2050 milliamp hr battery as well as performance 720p displays well not quite at that 1080p level I desire it was nevertheless absolutely going you would certainly select this phone for the kind variable and also the size and the rate as well it’s just 200 dollars so quite affordable opened off contracts so let me understand you think leave a remark I appreciate it you can sign up for me follow me in Facebook Twitter Google+ all web links in the description to be listed below and as always guys thanks significantly

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