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every 110 Schofield here was just about the head to bed and found out that Google allo has finally been released and I promised you guys no over video so let’s go ahead and get into that you’re gonna have to let me know if you guys are going to be using this app on a daily basis I’m pretty curious how widespread this is going to be but anyways I’m gonna post all download links in the description if you can’t get it from the Play Store for motor for whatever reason and I also want to go ahead and talk about all the new features why Google thinks you should be using their chat app over other chat apps and everything else so let’s go ahead and get started alright let’s get started you’ll see there is the alo icon right there go ahead and tap on it and here is the app so very white and not very customizable at the moment bottom right you’ll see you can compose a message and pressing on it allows you to go to your contacts enter a name or number up at the top you can also start a group chat up at the top you can start an incognito chat which is actually end-to-end encryption and it’s very private does not get stored on Google’s servers and then you have a Google assistant I’ll talk about that in just a second now this Apple is not made to sync with your phone’s text messages and when you actually text a number that does not have Google allô you’ll see on the left that you’ll see a person that added you on Google allo to chat and it’ll go through and you’ll see that number in the upper left hand corner is just a five digit number but you can still use it because Google has set up an SMS relay so you’ll see they got Tim Schofield hi and you can actually reply to these specific messages if I say hi back it’ll say this may cause charges on your mobile account hit Send and it will go through on the Google allo app now something new and notable that Google has started using is app preview notifications so I texted my buddy Jason who has a note 7 and you’ll see it came up as this notification and you’ll see an install buttons or 30 he did not have a low on his phone he could ignore it and also send a message as well so that’s just another way that a message might show up on a phone that does not have Google a low installed let’s talk about some of the features while you’re in a chat now you can go ahead and tap on a message lets you know what time of the day it was sent and you’ll see a little check mark next to it if it’s clear but in it has a check mark of base Stickley means it was sent and if they have Google allo it will show a green one so if I say hi to my buddy Jason shout out to him for helping out you’ll see it turn green and let you know that it was received and then it’ll have two check marks next to it once he reads it so you’ll see it has the two check marks and it says red when you actually tap on that specific message so let’s go and go back another feature that you can do is if you type hi you can actually press and hold on the send button and change the size of your specific text and of course you will need to have this specific app to see all these customizations you have a an emoji right here it’s just a quick emoji button so you can send emojis send those off you can also make them bigger by pressing and holding once again going back you have stickers so you can press this button and you see I have a sloth pack installed you can add more packs sticker packs right here just by downloading them right here you can find specific ones you have yours you can delete and customize the order as well now going back you also have you can take images from your gallery and also share your location so nothing too crazy out of the ordinary no gifs selector gif gif or everyone say it the selector of that you can’t create them either so I’m guessing they might add these features in the future but it does need some new features added one amazing one is Google assistant though so here’s a conversation with myself and Jason you see Jason is just playing around with the app but here’s things you can do you’ll see let’s see a movie Google at Google which is the Google assistant will show movie show times here we go here’s specific movies you can tap on it it’ll go to the web show times for don’t breathe take your pick at the specific theatre the here’s the times today September 21st awesome so that’s one thing you can do in the chat you can find a specific restaurant let’s you know you can go directions you can call them as well now one other one you can do is let’s say you need to say at Google Google assistant pops up it’s a suggested one and you could say weather today and I’m gonna hit Send and I don’t know actually know what’s gonna come up so you’ll see it’ll pick cago cuz that’s where I live it’s gonna say Claudia the chance clouds it’s kind of funny Cloudy with a Chance clouds uh-huh anyways you do have this option within group chats with in singular checks so if you’re talking about going outside going on a bike ride someone can just type a google weather today so then you both instantly know what the specific weather is gonna be like now it also brings up suggestions you’ll notice down here which is awesome because it’s going to always bring those up even when you’re just having a chat with someone and I’ll show that off in just a second but you can say what about tomorrow respond without even having to type anything it’ll say always use Celsius what about this weekend always used Fahrenheit there’s a lot of different things and you also get feedback on the Google assistant viewed a thumbs down if it’s giving you the wrong information or a thumbs up if it’s giving you the correct information so just want to add this really cool feature Jason just found he said to the Google assistant look up Cuba King 77 here’s the video that I found it shows my note 7 unboxing and impressions if you tap on play it will actually just pop open and quick youtube overlay over the app so it doesn’t have to open up the specific YouTube app but you can just press the back button to close out of it so I think that’s pretty cool I’m gonna go ahead and let Google assistant know that I like that now I mentioned that it does give you suggestions for responses it does that in the notification tray as well on Android nougat so you’ll see are you feeling well today you can just have not really or yeah you one thing I noticed is that there’s in for now there’s no option to just do a quick reply and type out something I don’t know why there should be an option where you can just press space and then it’ll bring up your keyboard you could type without having go into the app not sure why that’s not there yet but you if you tap yeah you there you go they’ll just go ahead and send it and it will be there and there you go so again great that it had those suggestions something I don’t which actually simplifies text in general and once again you’ll see not just with the Google assistant he says I’m good and I’ll say that’s good to hear and there we go and finally I want to quickly talk about some more things that the Google assistant you can do you’re gonna have to play around with it it does say preview edition up at the top so make note of that you say whether you could say going out restaurants and you’re by news there’s games actions you can set a timer set alarm you can get answers to certain questions sports so if you were curious and say what is the tallest building with a question mark and hit Send it’s gonna go ahead and search the web for you and it’ll show a list of tallest buildings in the world so you got Burj Khalifa Shanghai Tower One World Trade Center so it gives you all of these awesome buildings and that’s awesome so who owns Trump Tower Chicago comes up as a suggestion you could say how many buildings are in Chicago which actually be an interesting question how many buildings are in Chicago and it looks like there might be some info on the web so it does not necessarily give me the specific answer right away but it will point me in the right direction but anyways that’s just about everything I want to talk about with Google i/o you’re gonna have to look once again let me know what you think if you’re gonna start using this over whatsapp Facebook Messenger – all of those various chat apps that are in the Play Store let me know leave a comments give this video a thumbs up if you liked it I’d really appreciate you can subscribe to my channel as well lots more to come with the Google assistant lots more to come with pixel devices coming out soon as well so make sure you are subscribed and as always guys thank you very much for watching

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