Official Galaxy S7 (Edge) Android 7.0 Nougat Update!

everybody Tim Schofield below and also both the galaxy s7 and also s7 edge are obtaining the main Android 7 that Oh nougat update I actually just got the over-the-air update on both of my t-mobile alternative s7 as well as s7 edge and with that being said there’s a great deal of brand-new adjustments some new features looks wise it definitely looks various also so allow’s proceed and discuss whatever that’s new with the Android 7 auto update on the s7 and also s7 side let’s go as well as begin as well as I will be doing a reviewed video on among these 2 tools throughout my sim card in it as well as make an updated testimonial video I haven’t made a decision which one I’m gon na do the side or the normal version you can go down a remark if you have a suggestion or you ‘d such as to see one so let’s go as well as start I such as to reveal you that I’m Anna AM on Android 7 Automobile brand-new hop on both of these tools Android variation 700 you can rapidly tap it and also there is that quick Easter egg initially of all taking an appearance at the lockscreen truly very little various you do have a phone symbol and a.

electronic camera icon there fast shortcuts that you can swipe up on as well as you’ll see alerts are clear till you act upon them so once you go ahead as well as act upon them they become less clear which I truly like it’s an actually great little animation and also obviously the fingerprint scanner functions quite possibly still now next swiping down you’ll see up on top overall visually it looks a lot various you have an illumination bar you have some quick toggles that you can just touch and also turn on or deactivate you make use of 2 fingers still to trigger all of them or swipe down twice to get to all of these quick toggles as well as you have a couple web pages that you can modify also you can scuff you’ll see up at the top you have a search phone and also scan for neighboring tools a fast voice search as well pressing these 3 dots is where you can actually modify these you see right here’s your Easter Egg here’s nearby you can just press as well as hold as well as alter the order of them as well as of course whichever ones you want up on top are the ones that.

appear when you simply swipe down when currently there’s also a means to customize the grid so you see switch format you have a 3 by 3 grid you have a 5 by 3 grid so you can have a whole lot extra or 4 by 3 so below’s a consider the 5 by 3 a little a little a lot more small still have a great deal more right into one little web page you could not have to even swipe over to make sure that sort of condenses it great to have that choice certainly if you ‘d like a little a lot more bigger icons you can just most likely to switch format go to 3×3 and also there you have it next up our alert so pulling this down you’ll see I have a quick hangouts message as well as there’s a quick reply choice so you can swipe down to increase it and you see the reply switches in the bottom right you can touch it you can go in advance and type a fast message and send it off as well as without also opening up the app you can proceed and do something now you also have bundled notices so you’ll see there’s a little arrow that you can touch to expand and acquire these notices you can also use that a person finger or more fingers to broaden them as well as when they are packed you can act on them individually so if I wish to proceed and review one of these emails or swipe it away I can as well as of training course I can erase or respond them or swipe them away as I would love to so bundle notices is one of my preferred functions on the brand-new upgrade finally another point if you swipe over partly oops I didn’t really imply to do that yet if you swipe over partially you’ll see a Settings button appear or you can go swiftly go into some app notice setups you’ll observe the launcher is really comparable with the horizontal contest 2.

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pages when you press and also hold on a particular app it’ll bring up an option to either disable it app and promptly go right into application details also or uninstall if you can uninstall that certain work as much as several of the supply applications go you do have a brand-new dialer at the very least a face-lift to it so below’s a consider that as well as obviously you’ll see on the right you have a context tab in conversations in the messaging and phone apps also the electronic camera app also obtained a little bit of an update so below’s seeing Cameron let’s swipe right to readily available cam settings watching video camera filters swipe over and also switching over the camera you can swipe up or down so there’s just sort of your emotions that you can do to actually obtain to those different choices so below’s more modes you can download it naturally you do have your pro mode and after that below’s all those filters too you see much less taking place up on top so a lot extra straightforward and also a whole lot easier to use course it’s mosting likely to work effectively I imply I actually do like the cam on the galaxy s7 and s7 edge it’s one of the ideal out.

there now you see HDR automobile setting you can proceed and also do a quick flip with that switch or certainly you can swipe up or down and also a Quick Setups button too to get involved in multiple settings for the electronic camera relocating along the Settings application obtained a little bit of an overhaul so a makeover more points categorized a bit differently and some new settings too so you’ll see right here I enter into display screen of program that blue light filters there you can alter your display resolution so you see them on 1080p now allow’s proceed and also use it to 1440p so there you have it you can alter that on the fly certainly battery life is going to be a little bit different things they look far better certainly when the display resolution increases but going back right into those display screen settings one various other one I would like you men to experiment with just test that out for a day and see what you assume is the display zoom alternative you have an alternative to go to small medium or big and also I suggest at the very least on the s7 side maybe not so much on the s7 check out the little setting and also it’s gon na look a bit odd in the beginning so if I proceed as well as apply it you see simply a lot more setups get on this house screen whereas on the smaller sized screen on the s7 it might not be as as relevant and you may not want to actually do it yet allow’s go in advance and also apply it on both of them so you can type of take a.

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consider the home screen too it simply adds even more icons in a larger space I think when you alter it to that smaller setup so most definitely provide it a try see if you like it the recent apps display got a little an update so it just looks and also acts a little bit different you’ll see it kind of swipes through a little differently and certainly you do have multi window still that function is still there if I go in advance and press the multi window option faucet on it on an app right there as well as it brings up a checklist of various other apps that I can open in that multi home window so currently you’ll see that that you can resize details applications with this middle icon if you touch on the center it raises you can still flip flop them and afterwards of training course if you touch this icon it simply kind of brings it in that bulge window so instead of really swiping down from the corner of the application you can go in advance and activate pop-up window with that you can minimize them still as well as they turn on those little bubbles that you can swipe around and also after that of training course if I increase it I can do so currently once more like I stated you can still go ahead and also swipe from the edge to trigger that pop-up home window so that option is still there a truly wonderful function of that Samsung contributes to the Android operating system that I kind of desire was on supply Android next there’s kind of an alt tab function if you’re in an app you can go in advance as well as tap the current apps button two times as well as it’s promptly swaps.

in between 2 apps extremely easy to multitask by doing this you’ll see it’s extremely extremely fast jobs extremely well and afterwards naturally you have your brand-new emojis so you go on and tap on the emoji button in the Samsung key-board and below they are a little bit different what relying on the keyboard that you’re really going to utilize however right here are all the brand-new emojis obviously you can press as well as bottom and also I believe you get 2 different-colored emojis if you wish to new designs injuring seven others get brings some brand-new emojis obviously on the brink you still have those edge panels that you can apps edge tasks as people border you’ll see information as well as naturally you can add certain ones if you would love to as well as download various other ones tool upkeep sports all that great stuff so those are still there on brand-new get truly haven’t changed way too much a screenshot interface got a little bit of an upgrade to residence as well as power button to take the screenshot and also right here it is tapped a scroll draw plant as well as share as well so a little various and also you’ll see they it did disappear pretty promptly so you sort of reached act on it quite quick leaping back right into display screen setups the always-on screen obtained a bit extra formats so you can proceed and personalize it to your preference so some various layouts.

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that obtained an appearance contributed to nougat you can likewise delve into sophisticated features to get to your various setups such as quick launch electronic camera one handed setting palm swipe those are okay below in those setups solos did not get removed whatsoever now if I swipe down you’ll see there’s a new efficiency mode that you can just turn on where you have video game enhancer video gaming experience entertainment also and also high performance also so high efficiency you’ll see raised brightness 10% and also mosts likely to the complete display screen resolution you can terminate that amusement 10% battery life simply gives you info about what it’s really mosting likely to do when you switch over between these settings game setting in fact jump bumps it to 1080p so it makes a little bit a lot more smoother due to course you have a lower resolution yet anyways that’s concerning it that would certainly be the Android 7 dot on brand-new get upgrade on both the galaxy s7 edge and also the s7 once again click that subscribe switch so you’re alerted when I make that reviewed video more videos ahead too hopefully you enjoyed this video if you did click that thumbs up switch and also as constantly individuals thank you significantly.