Figo Gravity Review: $160 Budget Phone

every person Tim Schofield below and also if you saw I did an unboxing video on the Figo gravity and also this gadget has actually just taken place sale on for a hundred and also sixty dollars so certainly a budget tool so when I go on and take an appearance do my complete review on the Figo gravity to begin I intend to begin with style of the Figo gravity I do desire to include that it does consist of an one-year service warranty according their page I will link to that down below and here is the back it does have an all metal unibody style as well as it does really feel rather good in your hand I do like the feeling to it most definitely does not feel cheap by any kind of ways especially at that 160 buck price point so certainly a reduced rate point you see the fingerprint scanner 13 megapixel cam with flash up in the top of your earphone jack you have an IR blaster remarkable that they consisted of that because not a great deal of tools have those today down near the bottom mini USB port to bill you do have one speaker grille as well as the various other ones for balance additionally a microphone as well on the best side

here you have your power switch down below your two volume rockers no structure difference in all but I really discover that my thumb sits pretty much completely on that particular power switch so it’s not very hard to differentiate between the volume as well as power switches on the left side you know that SIM port it’s actually a dual double SIM phone along with that also can add a mini SD card so you have one sim one micro SD or more SIM cards it’s likewise worth keeping in mind that the solitary mono speaker is possibly a little below par due to the volume level that it accesses it in fact doesn’t obtain as loud as I would have liked quality is alright also simply by method you would certainly expect for the cost point that you hop on the front of the device you have on-screen switches so nothing down at the bottom of that chin and on the forehead of a buddy max calls it you do have an earpiece along with a 5 megapixel front dealing with video camera currently evaluating out that fingerprint scanner works quite possibly I was really very impressed with it so let’s go in advance and set your finger on as well as you see opens it really very fast actually as well as also really precise I truthfully have not actually had a problem with it saying not recognize or need to repress it anything like that so the finger print is excellent on this device the PTO gravity has a 5.5 inch 7 20p IPS LCD display as well as I do wish to

make note that it does really it is a bit of a finger print magnet as you can see when I appeared the glow you can see that there is a bunch of finger prints a little extra than common anyways currently that screen is adjustable so allow’s leap right into settings go right into screen and also they do have mirror vision so right here is where you can kind of personalize what your what your displays mosting likely to resemble so photo setting you have typical vibrant as well as customer setting also so customer setting allows you to personalize numerous various points contrast saturation brightness temperature level intensity and also contrast so you can actually tailor it to your taste so you’ll see here if I most likely to color temperature you can make it a little warmer or cooler so that’s a little cooler you’ll see a bit warmer also so you have a lot of tuning alternatives to actually transform the display to your liking I discover that general I have actually kept it on standard have actually been quite delighted with it on the whole now the display quality is respectable I mean it is a 720p display screen so being utilized to making use of a 1080p at 1440p display screen is a little bit recognizable but I will include that having a 720p display screen really helps performance together with battery life I’ll chat about both of those in just a second but overall brightness it obtains equally as intense as I needed to outside watching angles are respectable as well so overall quite

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strong 720p IPS LCD present the gravity has a three thousand milliamp hour embedded battery and in regards to battery life I’ve been obtaining about a little over 4 hrs screen in a timely manner which is just about average let’s see what it’s at currently so regarding 25% let’s go to evaluate a little over three hrs so that’s quite consistent so a little pretty continually a little over four hours so absolutely nothing terrific almost typical it does have a 720p display screen which does assist battery life it also does have a fast cost capacity so it does bill relatively fast relocating along let’s speak regarding that 13 megapixel back cam as well as total it is nearly we would certainly anticipate for a budget plan device being at on $60 you see the UI really looks a little bit outdated to be truthful the buttons look very gingerbread ass on the left side here you have an option to switch on face Beauty setting as well as after that additionally night shoot mode and then up on top is typical mode currently when snapping pictures you truly want to hold the device consistent if you don’t you may obtain a subpar photo especially when you remain in a low-light scenario so absolutely ensure you hold it consistent up until that picture is completely captured and after that in relation to picture recording when you remain in excellent lights situations the pictures end up great nothing absolutely nothing insane good however total they have actually been pretty basic and precisely what you would anticipate one issue I had was when you have a little bit of a depth of field fired as I have actually brought up right below I tried to focus on the

closest fallen leave however that stayed fuzzy it had a hard time concentrating on one of the closer ones as opposed to the further away ones however when you do not have a deepness of field and also you just have something close to you it still does a suitable task as long as you remain in excellent illumination when you remain in a lower lights circumstance right here is simply a very fast shot of a lower lighting circumstance if you don’t hold it still it will certainly seem a little fuzzy and it’s still blurry also if you do not hold it still however generally I would claim it probably does a little bit far better than the cost factor that it’s at currently following up is software program and externally level looks really similar to equip Android it does run Android 6 out of marshmallow so it has actually not been updated to Android 7 that onew get right now so you see concerning Phone Android 6.0 raises that marshmallow Easter Egg anyways leaping back below is the residence launcher by default you see you simply have a pair residence screens your app drawer as straight pageant in pages if you press as well as hang on the home screen raises your setups if you jump into settings you have I’m sorry not those settings yeah press and hold and also you touch these three switches it brings it on up of program you can swipe it backwards and forwards or you can transform the search bar on and off you have a scroll effect where you can change the effect of the different Scrolls symbol labels you can transform them on and off scroll your wallpaper grid dimensions one more wonderful one where if you want condensed comfy or customized as well you can personalize that I usually pick cozy layout you can do web page you can do

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vertical as well for your application cabinet and afterwards your scroll results so a great deal of customizations to their own default residence if you wish to in fact tinker that currently following up are some motions as well as that is when your phone is off so you can increase tap the screen you see it really did not function that first time it typically functions on the second time occasionally it might not deal with the initial one let’s try that once more dual faucet on the display and it operated at very first time so it is hit-or-miss usually it will certainly service the very first time but occasionally you’ll have to do it two times anyways allow’s most likely to those so let’s delve into setups scroll down most likely to motion control and also you do have clever slide and also this is where you have other options not simply double tap you can really use an O to visit the video camera you can go to W for your contacts and you see they have a bunch of custom-made one so you can switch on and off you can switch songs you swipe from the left or appropriate swipe up to open swipe down also so let’s go on and try one of them out so I’m mosting likely to proceed as well as draw a circle on the lock screen and you’ll see it simply opens up that camera application and I do intend to make note that it actually does give you a little a presentation if you’re having difficulties so it’s go to gesture control smart slide if you wish to know exactly how to attract a certain character such as the e for whatever reason if you transform it on you go on as well as it gives you a little bit of a diagram so those are a little wonderful motions specifically that double tapped wakes up an actually wonderful attribute pulling down that standing bar reveals

those quick setups those quick toggles where you do have audio profiles casts give a flashlight also an extremely similar seek to equip Android as well as then if you jump right into settings rather much everything is comparable to equip Android you do have a scheduled power on and off if you want to personalize that general all the setups various other than those gestures are extremely similar to equip Android and also naturally it running Android 6 that’ll marshmallow you can push as well as hold and also obtain the Google aide also like the majority of other devices here’s a take a look at that current apps screen with a clear all button too a little pest in the software program which isn’t actually that big of an offer for instance if I most likely to Instagram you’ll see the Wi-Fi icon is white and you barely noticeable one when you open Instagram let’s claim as an example I open YouTube television also you’ll see the Wi-Fi icon just disappears because of that white history a little irritating not that large of a deal though the Figo gravity as an MT 67 g3 octa-core processor is in fact from media tech and it’s likewise combined with 3 gigabytes of RAM so a great deal of budget devices really have two gigabytes of RAM so it’s good that they have included that added gig it does reveal a little bit I would state RAM management is quite solid on this device so allow’s go on as well as do some little toy screening actual

quick so let’s go in advance and press the house button have that game running right there allow’s proceed as well as open up an application possibly most likely to Reddit actual quick scroll via maybe you most likely to this photo go back home allow’s go to the current apps switch also and also in general I would certainly say a great deal of the speed performance is associated to having a 720p screen ahead to 1080p screen it would absolutely slow down the tool but generally been really pretty pleased with efficiency on this phone as you can see it’s definitely a fairly smooth you do obtain a misstep occasionally yet generally I have actually been pretty pleased and also pleased with the performance on the feet Oh gravity to be totally truthful I really want to open the electronic camera app allow’s do that real fast breeze a photo as well as see if the game in fact will stay open I’m going to proceed and try to open it on up and there we go go on and resume and you’ll be great to go so like I pointed out efficiency has been pretty strong overall been pretty satisfied and I simply want to get some final thoughts the layout is very good keeping that all-metal layout most definitely feels more premium than the price that finger print scanner functions actually well also it’s wonderful that they consisted of an IR blaster personal preference of mine the
display can be a little better it being at 720p yet like I pointed out that does assist the efficiency together with battery life also camera pretty basic what you would certainly expect and also a little of a bummer that it has Android 6 information instead of Android 7.0 so total I would certainly state it is much better than what you pay for in regards to it being a spending plan gadget hundred sixty dollars I would certainly state I would probably price it a little greater wherefore you get to ensure that’s practically my final thoughts on the Figo gravity ideally appreciated my review video clip if you did click that thumbs up button follow me on different social networks all the web links listed below as constantly guys thank you really much

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