Review Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro Best ANC True Wireless Buds?

so one of the most exciting pairs of true wireless earbuds propelled at ces 2021 is undoubtedly these bad boys now the soundcore autonomy air pro 2 flake of a mouthful uh it’ll cost you 130 dollars in the u.s or 130 quid here in the uk and for that expenditure they render some really good premium features including full-on audio customization you got a strong bit of active interference deletion and they’re been supportive of a entire cluster of grammy award-winning artists including neo remember neo i sure should do because that song was never off the radio cause i’m so sick of adore chorus so tired of weepings so what does leo have to say about the soundcore immunity aura pro 2 well and i mention these headphones are super narcotic and to see if the autonomy aura pro 2s certainly are super dope or just slightly dubbed i’ve been testing out these genuine wireless earbuds as my full-time headphones for the last two weeks so here’s my in-depth review and for the most recent greatest tech delight do poke subscribe and hitting that notifications bell heartens now i’ve got to admit my first impressions of these soundcore twigs weren’t too strong the first time i slid them out of the case and jostle them into my regionals they feel emphatically plasticky and they gape preferably cheap as well kind of similar to a lot of fund friendly earbuds that i’ve measured over the years that said i’ve certainly experimented a far uglier true-blue wireless earbuds they don’t jut more far away from your locals they are fairly subtle once you get them in there despite the dangly down stem bits a la the airpods and as well as standard black and white models you can get them in this blue hue and also a spangly pink account if you want to look ooh la la but i certainly had no issues with the sovereignty breeze pro 2s when it came to comfort because you’ve got the usual silicone squidgy earbud gratuities on there as they just sit in your ears delightful and comfy and i could wear them for hours at a time no problem helped along given the fact that the buds are so nice and gently so they don’t move around in there or anything as well and while most makes they were bundle generally two or three different length of silicone tip-off soundcore has gone all out by bundling nine different sizes of tips in there so you’re sure to find one that fits you well and you’ve got full ipx4 sweat and water defiance on here as well so no worries if you’re outside going showered on or you want to work up a bit of a sweat in the gym or not in the gym anymore thanks to lockdowns in your own personal gym i.e your garage now when it comes to connecting to your smartphone or whatever device you’re using for audio streaming no worries here i am encountered i hooked up to a variety of different android devices no problems exactly immediate tap in the menus job done and only once during my part week of testing the air pro 2s did i experience any kind of audio drop out it just lasted for got a couple of seconds and to be perfectly honest i’m not sure if it was the phone or the buds i think it might have been the phone but there was certainly no echo carry-on apart from that the connection was strong and stable now once you’ve hooked up these buds to your phone you’re going to instant want to dive into google play store apple apps or whatever and download the soundcore app because this is definitely where the wizard happens this is where the soundcore liberty airport is go above and beyond one of very good peculiarities will find information with a quick swipe right what this basically offers up is a whole butt load of usage eqs and also the ability to cook up your own the selection here is pretty damn good plaster the majority of members of the main musical genres you’ve also got the likes of spoken word and podcast which protect spotlit vocals as well move them announce really really nice it’s definitely well worth wants to play with experimenting with and for instance bass followers is more likely to experience a bit of the bass booster though i found that the bass was really really ponderous with that active so it wasn’t really a love otherwise the soundcore app likewise boasts a built-in hearing test as it were which precisely mostly busts a whole lot of frequencies into both of your ears you have to determine which ones you can actually hear which ones you can’t and then it improves a custom-built eq located entirely on the results and i gotta say after a lot of wants to play i did actually stick with that usage eq because i really like the neat balanced seem that i got out of those 11 millimeter motorists i found that the bs was still reasonably sinewy for your bit of metal hip-hop jazz whatever you’re listening to but the rest of the range came through penalize as well the finer items seeped through as well not quite as good as some contenders that i’ve researched out but obviously the level of customization this offers the fact that you can piddle about with it to such a degree is definitely going to be a major turn on for a great deal of audio followers and another large-scale holler of the soundcore immunity breeze pro 2s is the fact that they boast built-in active sound cancellation and it’s almost as good maybe just about as good as the oppo enco x and the huawei free buds pro which i’ve also recently measured which cost about the same maybe a little bit more you can turn on that active interference cancellation piece right there in the soundcore app and you can actually change the frequency at which it operates as well to match your circumvents be it you know blocking out the ceaseless crusade merges of your family or that disturbing low-pitched rumble of surpassing traffic or drills i’m purvey you applying the best-sized silicone tip to actually support a a proper seal between yourself and your environment i did find they directed really really well especially with the likes of the teach racket and the traffic and everything it’s great if you’re outdoors you want to be listening to a podcast but you want to have it on a low-toned volume not to wreck your hearing and as well as triggering or deactivating anc within the app you can also do the exact same thing by long pressing on either bud otherwise there existed a sound announced widget which once again allows you to quickly activate or deactivate anc and too toggle the different frequency modes and i absolutely love this peculiarity it’s definitely a great way of saving duration so you have to keep on opening the app whenever you want to change what it’s doing there’s also a transparency mode if you demand it as well and you can actually have it toggle between the noise abandonment and the transparency mode with the long press or there in the widget or the app the transparency mode basically time does the opposite of active interference cancellation it hoses in all of the stuff that’s going on all around you it’s really handy if you want to have a conversation with someone who’s just started talking at you you want to listen to like a transaction advertisement something like that to be honest though i found it just as convenient to really yank out one of the autonomy airfield is whenever somebody starts talking at you especially because doing so too interrupts your music your podcast whatever you’re listening to then when you wreaking it back in it picks up exactly where you left off the rest of the touch sees here on the liberation air pro 2 are pretty limited you’ve mostly came that holds in store for two seconds otherwise you’ve also got a double tap boast as well i adjusted it up to the left bud delayed or played my music and then the liberty bud merely hop-skip to the next way it certainly would have been nice to have like a triple tap option just so i could triple tap the freedom as to raise the work and then triple tap the left but to lower it back up again so whenever i did have to change the capacity i didn’t tone you have to dig out my smartphone or use my smartwatch i know i talk about firstly world questions but beyond that i can’t complain about the stroke insures on the soundcore autonomy airport ii chatter they use absolutely perfectly and i felt “ive never” inadvertently initiated them when i was like fumbling with one of the buds which thankfully i didn’t have to do too often because as i said they were quite a comfy fit now between these two buds you’ve got a total of six built-in microphones as well on the inside and the outside so basically you can pick up on your singer nice and clean and clear while also cutting out all the external bollocks that’s going on all over you and this seemed to work absolutely fine even in reasonably loud environments the other person could easily hear what i was banging on about so thumbs up as for the battery life well the immunity aura pro 2s definitely do not disappoint there either i is often used to get between five to six hours of life with the active noise cancellation permanently turned on if you smack that off you’ll probably get about an extra hour or two overall so uh not you know amongst the absolute best true-life wireless earbud battery life but certainly better than average and when the din cores are lastly drained it’s time to shove them back in there very chunky cartons gotta say but even though it’s a bit of a girthy barbarian i’ve gotta say this is one of my foregrounds as well because shazam shazam i’m sorry i know it’s geeky as but i have been able to do that all day and then time slip the liberation airport twos back on into that case you’ve got that magnetized bond so they don’t go dropping out and skitching across the floor which of course is an absolute nightmare with true wireless earbuds you actually got dinky results on top of each of the twigs which are light to let you know that they are charging you’ve also got some dinky leds here on the case which tell you how much accuse is left in the case you’ll get so between two and three full indictments of those buds from the occurrence before the speciman itself will also need a recharge and you can do that either by a little of type c usb action otherwise the instance also supports qi wireless accusing as well if you have another wireless accuse pad and formerly they’re in there the buds do accuse pretty quick as well just five or ten minutes in there will give you a full hour of use or abundance for a travel if you actually still commute so after a week of testing them as my full-time headphones i gotta say that neo was right the chime called liberty airfield twos are pretty super smoke the active noise cancellation is clearly pretty impressive undoubtedly at this sort of price point so it’s only a strong rival to the likes of the oppo encore x’s and of course the prime benefit here is the fact that you’ve got that excellent resonated customization as well so obviously check out that music call app if you get the liberty airport twos on the go so that’s what i think but it’d be great to hear from you guys as well what is your favorite neo song of all time gotta be hearing that down in specific comments below delight do poke agree ding that notifications bell for more on the latest and greatest tech lots coming out ces 2021 so i’ll probably has become a rather hectic boy for the next few months what’s new and have yourselves a lovely rest of the week ovations everyone love you

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